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Jubilee 3, Easton College

Easton, Norwich


Known as Jubilee 3, the centre at Easton College, Norfolk embraces technology and construction techniques that make it one of the most environmentally advanced buildings in the region.


  • The expansive structure houses 28 teaching rooms, a 66 seat lecture theatre, laboratories, flexible learning space, a café, social areas and offices.
  • The curved front slopes from two stories to one making a strong architectural statement


  • Students of sustainable engineering at the college will study the building to understand the impact of climate change on construction technology.
  • Constructed adjacent to the existing teaching facilities, required detailed planning in terms of forming connections to the existing structure and with regard to our on-site methodology in terms of noise and vibration mitigation.
  • Completed two weeks ahead of programme.
  • The site team ensured that the business and academic demands of the college were embedded within our strategy whilst creating a final product which met the expectations of the client’s brief.

Our Commitment:

  • Highly sustainable building benefiting from ground-source heating and stack-effect natural ventilation.
  • The roof has a sedum moss covering that requires virtually no maintenance, with 17,500 plants encouraging biodiversity as well as provide insulation.
  • An entirely glazed south facing wall is protected by a brise-soleil consisting of ornamental vines and other creepers. These cool the building with natural shade in the summer and allow solar gain to warm the building in winter.
  • The building is constructed mainly from glulam beams and concrete with the concrete acting as a thermal mass to retain heat overnight. This combination of retained heat and windows which are timed to close automatically overnight, ensure the classrooms are warm when lessons start next morning.
  • All 180 windows are linked to sensors that monitor co2 levels and automatically open vents to draw in fresh air.
  • Roof lights are fitted in all corridors and electric lighting is minimised through the ‘absence detection’ system which senses lack of movement and increasing daylight to switch lights off automatically.


  • The building achieved a BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating
  • South Norfolk Design Awards – Special Sustainability Award
  • CPRE Environmental Award – New Public Buildings


Chris Nix, Eastern College’s Assistant Principal (resources)
“Thoroughly professional, the standard of work has been good. There have been no health and safety issues and site staff have been flexible and cognisant of the issues of working around college events during the year

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