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Eversley Primary School

Enfield, London


An extension has been built on very difficult ground to increase the available teaching space at Eversley Primary School in Enfield, London.


Inside the new extension there are five new classrooms, as well as locker rooms and offices. The existing layout has also been reconfigured.

The extension was built on unused land adjacent to the original school building, which meant that the school’s playgrounds remained relatively unaltered.


The site for the new extension needed to be extensively developed as it was lower than the existing school’s foundations and the main access road was three metres higher. Once the steel frame had been erected, a scaffold walkway was built from the ground floor of the existing building to the first floor of the new building. All materials had to be manually handled to the site from the original ground-floor. Two sets of stairs were then installed to join the original level with the extension’s ground level, which is surrounded by retaining walls of granite.

Carter Design developed a natural ventilation system for the school. It makes use of a traffic light system to highlight the action that needs to be taken to keep the environment at its optimum level by measuring the CO2 content in the rooms. When the lights are green, the levels are correct; when amber, the ventilation windows need to be opened; and when red, the level of CO2 or the temperature is too high and all of the windows need to be opened.

Our Commitment:

The natural ventilation system not only keeps the children well ventilated and ready to learn, but it also ensures that the extension’s carbon emissions are 20% better than building regulations require.

School pupils were taken on a tour of the new extension to allow them to see the progress being made on-site and to educate them of the safety aspects and dangers of construction sites.