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Great Dunham Primary School – Eco-Classroom



R G Carter, in association with Eco Classrooms Ltd have constructed a new environmentally friendly timber framed sectional building to accommodate the needs of the growing school in Norfolk.


Great Dunham Primary School is a small Victorian building with very limited space and access to classrooms through other rooms and areas.

The project involved erecting a new timber framed, single storey sectional eco-building, including all connections to existing foul and surface water drains and a new incoming power supply.

The ambient conditions provided by the classrooms offer healthy, comfortable and creative teaching environments and with a life expectancy of more than 40 years they are an economical solution for schools that don’t have enough suitable teaching space.


The project was carried out in a seven week period while the school was still active,  presenting a number of challenges for the site team due to the position of the new classroom being located at the rear of the school with limited access.

With access to the site very restricted, careful planning was required to coordinate with school traffic (arrivals/departures) and playtimes, with all materials requiring transport across two play areas in order to reach the site.

Excavation of the foundations was also a major challenge, with all the arisings being transported within the school grounds to a safe area for collection.

Our Commitment:

The fully flexible design of the modular building is not only able to offer a zero carbon solution benefitting from off-site manufacture, it also enables significantly reduced construction periods on site and can also be cost effectively re-located if required.

Environmentally friendly features include, wool insulation, fsc timber structure and cladding, along with the option for additional client specified features such as rain water harvesting, sedum roof, heat recovery and LED lighting. Features that can inspire young people to learn about sustainability and the environment.