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Norwich Memorial Gardens



R G Carter Drayton was awarded, under the NPS framework, the high profile project of refurbishing the Grade II listed Memorial Gardens situated in front of Norwich City Hall in the heart of Norfolk.

The memorial gardens were built in 1938 as part of the City Hall scheme, designed by C H James and S R Pierce, but had been closed since 2004 when engineers found defects in its supporting structure.


  • Removing the memorial and all the stone paving
  • Breaking out the existing undercroft
  • Rebuilding the undercroft, once used by market stallholders, which was very weak after falling into disrepair.
  • Replacing every stone to its original place
  • Repositioning the memorial to face the City Hall
  • Installation of ramps for disabled access
  • Repairs to supporting gardens
  • Installation of new benches for public seating
  • New lighting


  • A sculpture by artist Paul de Monchaux is a new feature of the gardens. The sculpture, Breath, is made in bronze and designed to mark the furtherance of peace, hope, and survival.


“The vision, passion and quality of work that has gone into this entire project is phenomenal.”
Steve Morphew, former leader of Norwich City Council.

“We are all absolutely delighted. The project manager at Carters and the stonemasons have been absolutely brilliant, they have kept us informed and allowed us to go on the site. I think they have done a terrific job.”
Brian Wilson, chairman of the combined ex-servicesmen’s association.

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