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Spine Track, Coton Countryside Reserve



This project involved the construction of spine track at Coton Countryside Reserve, for agricultural vehicles and to provide enhanced access for visitors, particularly the disabled.


  • The structure of the 2.3km of track was designed so it could be constructed during the wet months, to suit the client, Cambridge Preservation Society’s funding restrictions, and to provide 50 years of use.
  • R G Carter revised the design in favour of cement/lime stabilisation and slip form pavement.

Our Commitment:

The following savings were made by the revision to cement/lime stabilisation and skip form pavement:

  • 3600 m³ reduction in landfill
  • 10,800 tonnes reduction in quarried materials
  • 44 tonne reduction in co² emissions
  • 4.5 hectare reduction in land take
  • 40,000km saving in vehicle mileage

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