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Superstore Extension and Refurbishment



Tesco, Wembley Extra 2 is a format 80 store and the work to extend and refurbish it was completed on a tight 24-week programme. The store extension itself was relatively small but it gave the old store a vibrant, modern look.

The construction of all new departments and the extension had to be undertaken at the same time, whilst keeping disruption to an absolute minimum.


  • The project involved the construction of a 6m deep concept front extension to the store, with a large wave-form roof canopy and a fully glazed frontage.
  • The whole existing store, which was previously brick and concrete framed, was clad in white Eurobond panels to give the appearance of a concept store.
  • Full internal refurbishment including sales floor area, and back of house areas
  • Upgraded deli area
  • A large new directs desk
  • A phone shop area
  • Large pharmacy and opticians
  • Improved health and beauty
  • Nando’s restaurant
  • Bookshop
  • Improved clothing
  • Grocery and refrigeration offers.


  • Considerate Constructors – Performance Beyond Compliance


  • Brian Sweeney, Considerate Constructors Monitor: ‘A high level of consideration has been shown to ensure customers suffer minimal disruption during the project. The level of segregation between the work areas and customer areas is impressive. The site is well presented and clean.’

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