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Adnams Flagship Cellar & Kitchen Store



Suffolk Brewery Adnams is famous in the town of Southwold, with a reputation for excellent beer.

The brewery plans to open 30 of its Cellar and Kitchen stores across the country, the first of which is this new flagship store, replacing an existing small store that sold kitchen utensils and wine.


  • It is a single-storey building with no square corners and several unusual features;
  • It has two giant fermentation vats, standing up to three metres tall, as an integral structure within the new store’s wine bar café.
  • A five tonne vat of pitch pine and its three tonne oak neighbour were sanded and coating with Danish oil to protect against the weather.
  • The unique structures were fitted with windows and doors and now house the café seating area.
  • The ceilings for the vats are made from copper to reflect their interiors.
  • A large glass wall alongside the vats has been designed so it will fold back in the summer.
  • Old groynes from the beach have been incorporated as a walkway in the courtyard.

Our Commitment:

  • The café has a living sedum roof
  • The building is insulated with sheep’s wool
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Heat recovery ventilation system
  • Sustainable materials were extensively used throughout the building, including timber external cladding, structural frame, ceilings, doors and windows
  • Under-floor heating
  • Triple glazed fenestration.

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