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Superstore Disaster Recovery Project

Banstead, Surrey


Following a fire that completely destroyed the two storey Waitrose store in Banstead, Surrey, R G Carter put in to operation a disaster recovery plan, to minimise the long term effect of the fire, clear the site and make ready for the store to be re-built.


As soon as the emergency services had successfully put the fire out, we were on the scene, ensuring the safety of the public by erecting temporary fencing. Structural stability was checked and unstable structures removed to facilitate specialist food disposal contractors to gain access and clear all the stock.

Despite the damage, much of the first floor structure and ground floor were able to be retained.

As part of the reconstruction, also undertaken by R G Carter, the building was extended on three elevations and also benefited from the addition of a decked car park, designed by Carter Design, increasing its parking capacity to 165 spaces.


During the reconstruction process the majority of staff were dispersed to neighbouring stores, with a temporary store in set up in a former Woolworths, affectionately known as “Baby Banstead”.

Construction commenced in April and the new store was trading by the end of November. The rapid contract was achieved by overlapping the activities of design, procurement and construction.

Our Commitment:

The retention of the ground floor slab and first floor structure represented a great environmental benefit by reducing work on site, removal of waste material and the need for the reconstruction of these elements for the new store.

A BREEAM assessment was carried out to consider eco-standards that could be achieved within the confines of the existing structure enabling the building to achieve BREEAM Excellent, this was partly thanks to recycling as much of the demolished structure as possible and the retention of the first floor structure.


The scheme achieved a BREEAM ‘Excellent’ rating.

The project obtained a Considerate Contractors scheme ‘Performance Beyond Compliance’ certification.

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