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Chilled Distribution Centre, Waitrose



The project was for the construction of Waitrose’s new 10,580 m² distribution centre with offices and ancillary space in Bracknell, on the same brownfield site as their headquarters.


  • The centre features 23 outward loading docks and another eight for inward traffic.
  • The warehouse walls and roof are insulated to allow the interior to be maintained at two degrees centigrade for storing chilled food. During Christmas trading the temperature can be lowered to accommodate the storage of frozen turkeys, etc.
  • External works included alterations to car park layout, tree protection, retained landscaped areas and new landscaping scheme.

Our Commitment:

  • In excess of 97% of demolition material was recycled and reused in the construction of the new facility
  • Building minimises air and heat loss, scoring less than one for air testing.
  • Waste heat generated by the warehouse refrigeration equipment is captured for reuse in staff and office areas.
  • Natural light is enhanced and the use of electric lighting minimised through installation of suntubes.
  • Water usage reduced through rainwater harvesting.
  • Extensive value engineering of the design to reduce cost and be more sustainable.
  • Environmentally friendly cladding
  • The site was underlain by clay. This was mixed with lime so it could be lain and compacted and re-used on site. This saved 6500 vehicle loads being removed to land fill.


  • This was the first chilled distribution centre to achieve a BREEAM rating of ‘very good’.
  • Considerate constructors scheme score of 36 out of 40 putting it in the bracket of ‘an exceptionally good site’.


Ian McDonald, Development Construction Manager for Waitrose:
‘it was brought in on time, under budget and to the quality agreed. Carters have delivered all the targets we set them. They’ve done an excellent job. The success of this project has been due to internal cross-function team we created. It’s been a great team where all ideas have been embraced.’

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