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Radiology Unit, West Suffolk Hospital

Bury St. Edmunds


The project was for the refurbishment of the radiology department at West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St. Edmunds.


  • Complete refurbishment of the wards, treatment rooms, offices, staff facilities and reception areas.


  • Careful management of all site operations was essential as the project was carried out within the constraints of a fully operational hospital environment, with the added difficulty of limited access to the site.
  • Due to the lack of space in the vicinity of the radiology department, the site team Worked from a remote compound, which required material handling to be carefully co-ordinated in line with work operations; all materials required double-handling along constantly monitored access routes between the compound and the work areas.
  • The removal of all waste materials from the work area was carried out using sealed bins, strict regimes where necessary in order to control movement times and noise emissions.
  • The success of the project was achieved by regular liaison between the site agent and hospital team, ensuring the clear and constant flow of information and addressing any potential issues or challenges at the earliest possible stage.

Our Commitment:

  • R G Carter have worked for West Suffolk Hospital on a number of projects, which include a the construction of new endoscopy suite, the pharmacy and a lecture theatre.

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