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Westmill Wind Farm

Watchfield, Swindon


Westmill Wind Farm Co-op was the first onshore wind farm to be built in the south-east and is 100% community owned.

The wind farm produces more green electricity in a year than is used by 2,500 homes whilst reducing emissions by at least 5,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year based on the UK generation mix.


R G Carter was contracted to carry out the design and build civil engineering works, working with EConnect Construction to provide a fully working installation.

Funding for the project was generated through a public share issue and a loan from the Co-operative Bank, allowing local ownership of the site and maximising the social, environmental and economic benefits to the area.


  • The wind farm has five Siemens 58M hub height machines erected in a straight line across the former airfield.
  • Each tower stands at 49 metres high, topped by a nacelle containing the generator, gearbox and other operating equipment.
  • Each generator is driven by a three-bladed propeller with every blade measuring 31 metres.
  • The electricity generated is conveyed by an underground cable to a sub-station where it is metered and fed into the local grid.
  • Gravity pad foundations are situated on the limestone substrata, although substantial engineering calculations were required to prove the suitability of the laminated material underlain by sandy clay.


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