Glazed Floodgate installed at Whisstocks site

A new glass flood gate has been instated in Woodbridge so that it can be left open for a majority of the time allowing pedestrians access into the large open space being constructed at the Whisstocks site, in front of Deben Wharf.

The gate can be operated either manually or electronically when fully installed and commissioned. The gate is 11.6m long and the actual glazed wall area is a further 12m long, making the total length 23.6m. The glass is comprised of two skins of 19mm laminated glass which are built to withstand the loadings of the river swell if a flood alert is notified. The gate will be operated by the river management team in the event of a flood warning situation. The gate will also be used for launching of the historic ship being built by Woodbridge Riverside Trust. It replaces the temporary aluminium beam wall which was in place previously.

The new glass gate will be open for a majority of the time, unless there is a flood warning in place when it will be closed, the glass viewing panels allow for scenic views of the river from the communal open space at the front of this prestigious development