Our Commitment

At R G Carter we understand that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) isn’t just about doing the right thing.

It is about behaving responsibly and encouraging our suppliers to do the same. We seek to gain respect from our clients, suppliers and the local community by building relationships and promoting our ethos of continuous development.

We want to protect communities of the future by using sustainable methods and materials where we can.

Many of our key clients are also working towards their own sustainable achievements and we believe that sharing values and methods can only enhance and improve the way we work.

Looking after the world we live in is a collective responsibility and we must work together within the business, within communities, and with clients to make sure we always strive to do so.

We are proud to be involved with many clients who are committed to CSR, such as the John Lewis Partnership, Tesco Stores, Aldi UK GmbH and Marshalls who are well known for their commitment to CSR which feeds through into customer services, sales and profits.

Throughout these pages we will explain why CSR is so important to us.

Our core values:


Contributing positively to the communities in which we operate, giving back through local employment, community projects, learning programmes, site visits and charity fundraising.


Minimising our environmental impact with commitment to low energy use, reducing waste and sustainable design & materials. We exceed targets for recycling, water consumption and pollution.

Our People

Offering our people opportunities to learn and develop. Importance is placed on valuing our staff, supporting promotion from within and celebrating the successes of individuals. There are significant strengths that enable people to participate in a positive, forward thinking culture.


We place clients’ values at the heart of all our operations, building trust with honesty and commitment. Understanding our clients’ focus and clear communication are key to long term success.

Supply Chain

One team working promotes shared success. With secure working relationships, we work with suppliers we trust ensuring that their performance and products reach our high standards.

Health & Safety

Our team of health and safety professionals are always on hand to support, with training, advice and regulatory checks. Over 50 of our senior managers have passed the NEBOSH Construction Certificate in an ongoing programme.