ABP – Grain Warehouse

We were delighted to be awarded the contract to build a 3,700 square meter industrial grain store warehouse for local port operators Associated British Ports on Ipswich docks. The new facility provides nearly an acre of purpose built storage for bulk commodities such as grain, barley and other agribulks in an area that has a volume equivalent to around 320 double decker buses.

As the contract was design and build, we worked closely with our supply chain to be able to offer best value solutions for:

  • Push Walls
  • Electrical usage – addition of PV
  • Prevention of cross contamination
  • A shorter programme

Push Walls

There were two construction options:- Steel frame with insitu pre-cast concrete infill push walls or insitu push walls with a frame sat on top of push walls. This was the preferred solution as it allows for flush walls and a 14.5 tonne and £45k saving on structural steel.

Electrical Usage

Designed to minimise its impact on the environment, the terminal also has solar panels to provide a clean energy generating capacity of 120kw. The panels which are linked to the network which powers the port estate, provides sustainable energy for customers and cutting the port’s carbon footprint.

Cross Contamination

The building is split into 2 bays to allow for the storage of two types of grain. We developed an innovative solution to ensure that the head wall of the separation wall allows grains to be ventilated, but stop cross contamination.

Shorter Programme

Our original 22 week programme was completed 3 weeks early, reducing it to 19 weeks due to the best value design development of the superstructure.

As part of the opening ceremony, Mr Gummer (Local Government MP) unveiled a tablet dating from 1957, which was originally unveiled by the late Airey Neave to mark the opening of the Cliff Quay port facility. This has now been relocated to a more prominent location on the building alongside the new plaque.


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Grain Warehouse Ipswich, Suffolk