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Multi-storey Car Park, Addenbrooke’s University Hospital



Addenbrookes University Hospital, Cambridge’s new multi-storey car park facility provides a total of 1,050 parking spaces over seven levels.


  • Modern methods and materials were used such as composite cladding, curtain glazing and decorative panel fenestration.
  • A pedestrian bridge has been incorporated to overcome level constraints and link the car park to the existing hospital infrastructure.
  • A mobility facility, allocated spaces and specially designed circulation routes have been integrated as provision for less able people.


  • The design philosophy for the structure utilised a vertical circulation module (VCM) design requiring careful detailed design development to ensure suitable ramp and surface gradients were achieved.
  • A galvanized steel frame was chosen for the main structure, incorporating cellular beams to facilitate services distribution.
  • Additional upper levels were redesigned to incorporate a roof. Although this added to the capital cost, the design reduced the whole life cost by omitting the need for special surface toppings, frost protection and maintenance.

Our Commitment:

  • A soft landscaping scheme of carefully selected tree and shrub species was added to create an aesthetically pleasing environment

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