At R G Carter, we are proud of our long-standing commitment to helping create a sustainable future for all. For over a century, we have worked hard to minimise the impact we have on the environment, utilising skills and technology available through the decades and adapting with greener industry developments. Our sustainable design and build ethos means we always strive for high BREEAM scores, incorporate WellBuilding standards and use our Passivhaus expertise wherever possible.

Future generations will judge us by our actions not our words, with climate change undoubtedly now the greatest challenge of our generation. We recognise our continued role in decarbonising the built environment and are committed to driving excellence, embracing innovation and working collaboratively to deliver the forward-thinking solutions necessary to support the UK in reaching Net Zero by 2050.

Embracing innovative new approaches combined with circular economy principles will be vital in tackling climate change. Working in partnership with our clients, stakeholders and value (supply) chain, and by using  our unique expertise, it is our legacy to leave behind high quality, sustainable buildings and landscapes whilst protecting the environment for the future.


R G Carter is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions from a 2020 baseline in our own operations (scope 1 and 2 emissions) by 2035. We will also continue to engage with our value (supply) chain to achieve Net Zero across our scope 3 emissions by 2045.

We aim to do everything we can to operationally reduce our carbon footprint and only offset what cannot be eliminated as a last resort; any offset being credible, high-quality and certified.

Our Carbon Reduction is currently forecasting a rate of reduction greater than a 1.5 degree pathway and we are working hard to ensure our initiatives in place, continue to make positive progress.

planned carbon initiatives

 The R G Carter Carbon Reduction Plan has been prepared in collaboration with the Carbon Trust, who as an expert partner, are supporting us in calculating and analysing our operational and value (supply) chain carbon emissions.

Below are the key initiatives which will help us to achieve our Net Zero ambition.


Below outlines our Roadmap to achieve Net Zero in our own operations by 2035 and across all scopes by 2045.


Building for the Future

From the large-scale Civic Hubs to small eco-friendly module classrooms, at R G Carter we strive to ensure as many projects as possible are designed and constructed to help reduce the impact on the environment whilst still creating comfortable, visually aesthetic spaces for people to enjoy.

Whether it is achieving high BREEAM scores, incorporating WellBuilding Standards into our designs or achieving Passivhaus certification, we ensure that sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We are also proud to be one of the largest Passivhaus homebuilders in the UK.

Below are just some of the sustainably-led projects we have been proud to have delivered, as we continue to build for the future.

Sustainability news