In the roof of Building 85, one of the two historic Grade II hangar refurbishments being undertaken at Cranfield University, the distinct difference between the old and the new is very evident if you climb to the top of the maintenance stairs.

Here Karl, our PM is looking out across the new insulated roof panels which form the top of the ‘box within a box’ solution designed by Home – Carter Design Group to improve the hangars thermal performance. Above this new ‘energy efficient box’ is the original steel structure which supports the saw tooth roof built in 1938, typical of this style of WII Type C Hangar and kept to preserve the heritage aesthetics of the hangar.

This second hangar will hand over in early March, completing this sustainable award-winning decarbonisation project. For more on the awards see:

The first hangar Building 84 won a Building Innovation Award for Restoration for this decarbonisation project completed at the end of last year – read more: