The Mildenhall Hub

This project comprised the construction of the Mildenhall Hub, a major national project to deliver a better school, improved leisure facilities, and integrated community and public services under one roof.

The multi-million pound project creates a modern accessible services to people living in and around the town, and from the surrounding area, and includes a new school, children’s centre, new leisure facilities, a health centre, facilities for Suffolk Police, West Suffolk Council and Suffolk County Council, as well as a library, job centre and Citizen’s Advice centre.

Following a comprehensive engagement period with project stakeholders to agree the contract sum and ensure design cohesion between all parties, significant enabling works were undertaken including archeological digs, foundation and drainage works to allow for the 14,000m2 building to be constructed.

The Mildenhall Hub is a steel-framed super-structure with pre-cast concrete planks throughout. Metal decking has been installed across the various roof levels of this three-storey building. Ground floor slabs were poured and structural topping. This building incorporates carefully selected materials, for both the exterior and interior to compliment the area and satisfy the needs of all associated stakeholders of this building. These considerations will future proof the building for years to come, allowing valuable services to continue in the Mildenhall Area.

Mildenhall Hub, 2021 from R G Carter on Vimeo.

West Suffolk Council
Mildenhall, Suffolk
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