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Business Aviation Centre, Norwich Airport



Klyne Aviation Ltd employed R G Carter for the design and construction of two hangers linked either side of a business aviation centre located at Norwich Airport, the main aviation centre servicing Norfolk and East Anglia.


  • The two 485 square-metre hangars include facilities for both fixed wing and helicopter accommodation
  • The business aviation centre linking the two hangars provides accommodation for administration crew, flight planning, executive and support staff and aircrew training facilities.
  • The enabling works for this project saw the construction of a new taxi-way for aircraft to divert them away from the location of the hangars.
  • The air-entrained concrete to the taxi way needed to be of the highest quality.
  • Three giant swales, covering a footprint of the buildings, designed to combat even extreme rainfall. This system not only takes water off the land but also from the buildings’ guttering and hard standing water including from the runway apron.
  • The horizontal cladding and strip-windows celebrate the horizontal nature of the building footprint, disguising the internal change in levels necessary to accommodate the sloping land.


  • Sound proofing has been used throughout the offices in which glazed partitions maximise the available light.
  • MegaDoors have been installed in the place of standard sliding or sectional doors. These are formed from a steel frame, enveloped in two skins of fabric. The steel concertinas up into itself, much like a Roman blind, requiring minimal head room above the door and maximising the available opening height.
  • The fabric of the door allows natural light to flood into the hangar whilst the air-gap between providing excellent thermal efficiency.

 Our Commitment:

  • Solar shielding has been used on the south elevation to prevent the building overheating and to reduce the need for air conditioning.

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