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Dragonfly House, Jarrold & Sons



The design and construct project involved the construction of two office buildings in Norwich, Norfolk. Dragonfly House and Kingfisher House.


  • Following careful demolition and site clearance the offices were constructed providing 9,144m² and 12,192m² of office space respectively.
  • Dragonfly House is occupied by Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

Our Commitment:

  • Sustainable elements include; a solar collector to provide hot water; a rainwater recycling system coupled with highly efficient water fittings; a natural ventilation system requiring no electricity and minimal maintenance; a below ground earth tube ducting system that cools the building naturally and minimises need of CO2 refrigerants.
  • Built for long term client – Jarrold Property Ltd


  • BREEAM – Excellent

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