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Hammerton Court Dementia Care Unit



The Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trusts new dementia intensive care unit has just opened, marking the largest single investment in dementia care in Norfolk.


The 36 bed state-of-the-art facility within the grounds of the Julian Hospital, provides support and care for the most seriously ill dementia suffers with extremely complex needs and their carers and is home to the Norfolk Dementia Care Academy for care training and research.


The structure incorporates innovative design with three central courtyards around which the bedrooms and living spaces are grouped. The bedrooms have a host of technology and design features to help residents live as independently as possible, for example; stepping out of bed automatically switches on pathfinder lighting.

The building comprises both steel and timber structural components and has a wide variety of external façade treatments including curtain walling, rain screen cladding, render, slate roofing and sedum roofing.

Natural daylight was considered in the design wherever possible with roof lights in the corridors, day rooms and the majority of circulation space reducing the need for artificial light & energy consumption.

BIM was used to assist with integrated 3D modelling of the complicated and multi-faceted structure designs, as well as providing early clash detection for the M & E services, allowing for optimum service distribution around the structure.

Our Commitment:

The development contains a number of sustainable features including ground source heat pumps in a closed loop system, exchanging heat from the ground via a network of pipes, these pipes link into the buildings plantroom where the 15 degree ground heated water is increased to 45 degrees and circulated through the under floor heating pipework.

The building has a green roof which provides a habitat for wildlife, reduces surface water run off and increases heat retention.

Solar collectors are installed on the south facing roofs making use of the heat provided by the sun, heating the water for use in showers and wash basins. Run-off from the roofs is also collected and stored in an underground tank to be used to flush the toilets.

Natural daylight was considered in the design wherever possible with roof lights in the corridors, day rooms and the majority of circulation space to reduce the need for artificial light, reducing energy consumption.

Heat recovery units provide natural ventilation to the bedrooms which recycle the air in the room. This type of ventilation is also controlled; in corridors utilising the stack effect method with actuated windows opening on temperature sensors.

During the contract the site team donated ten bird tables to nearby mental health facility and provided sponsorship for a nearby school race night.


BREEAM Excellent


“We could not be more pleased with Hammerton Court – what a great example of contractors and clients working together for a fantastic outcome for those who will use the building.”

Maggie Wheeler – Chair Norfolk & Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust