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North Pickenham Wind Farm



North Pickenham wind farm is located four miles from the Norfolk town of Swaffham on the edge of a locally designated landscape of predominantly arable land, with some woodland areas. The area of land was selected for the wind farm because it had previously been an airfield.


  • R G Carter were appointed by Vestas-Celtic Wind Technology to design and build the foundations and ancilliary for eight 2MW turbines
  • Each turbine is capable of producing 1.8 megawatts
  • The wind farm can generate 35 million kilowatt hours of green electricity annually (enough to power 10,000 homes and cut CO¬≤ emissions by more than 50,000 tonnes a year.
  • The geology of the site made the design to accommodate the extreme load case for the turbines a testing challenge. Chalk is an extremely variable rock and careful monitoring of the formation of each pile was required to ensure stability.


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