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Student Accommodation, University of East Anglia



Built in two phases, the project provided a total of 1285 residential units for the University of East Anglia in Norwich, Norfolk, each with en-suite rooms grouped in eight or 12-person light, bright flats, with central, wide corridors and purpose-built kitchen/diner facilities.


Phase one

  • Construction of 401 units within two blocks that continuously curve in response to an established mound on the site.
  • Signature colour renders and timber clad core structures punctuate the façade, giving identity to the residences.
  • The use of tunnelform fast-tracked the development of the concrete frame as it allows a series of dividing walls and suspended floors to be cast at the same time.
  • Off-site manufactured concrete pods were used for the en-suite bathrooms, again speeding up the on-site phase of development.

Phase two

  • Creation of five buildings providing accommodation for 887 students.
  • ‘Curvelinear’, multi-storey, concrete-framed design.
  • Tunnelform building method used again to fast-track the construction.

Value Engineering:

  • Replacement of the steelwork barrel vaulted roof construction with a wholly timber solution. The use of timber in lieu of steelwork meant that not only was procurement of the components quicker, therefore reducing programme risk, installation was also quicker and simpler resulting in less craneage time and cost.
  • Reduction of the number of curved elements to the building whilst maintaining the design concept, meant a less complicated setting out was required.


John Attwood, Project Manager, Davis Langdon LLP
‘R G Carter Construction Limited has undertaken this project in a very professional manner and has performed very well in delivering the building within time, on budget, and at an appropriate level of quality.’

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