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Wind Turbines, Tesco Magor



R G Carter Civil Engineering were entrusted by Tesco to install two 100 metre tall wind turbines at their Magor distribution depot in South Wales.


  • The turbines are capable of generating 1.6 megawatts, enough to power around 600 homes.
  • R G Carter handled the design, construction and installation of the balance of plant works with Enercon providing the turbines.
  • The distribution centre was open 24 hours a day throughout the works.
  • The foundations consisted of square precast concrete piles to 16 metre depth and 2.5 metre thick reinforced in-situ concrete capping.
  • Temperatures within the concrete pour reaches 60ºC and has to be monitored closely to prevent thermal cracking within the foundation.
  • Thermal blankets insulate the concrete surface to ensure the temperature gradient from the centre to the surface did not exceed 20ºC.

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