R G Carter volunteers, along with ten keen volunteers from the Tesco Tovil store, including Branch Manager Matthew Wright, braved one of the hottest days this year, in the perfect location of the Water Mill, River Valley Conservation Society Cave Hill headquarters in Tovil.

Founded in July 2000, the Society was formed initially by residents of the Lower Loose Valley in Tovil, near Maidstone, but has since grown to encompass members much wider afield. The Society exists to “Protect and enhance the valleys of South Maidstone for the benefit of residents, wildlife and visitors.”

Upon delivery of 30 bags of road stone, a loader, dumper, six wheel barrows and an Aladdin’s cave of industrial horticultural equipment we set about laying a 150ft pathway – spread and laid within four hours. Whilst this was going on, boulders were being dug out and transported and with a river clean in progress all was taking shape. Lunch was kindly provided by the store, which was seriously appreciated by all after temperatures nudged 30 degrees, the atmosphere was in great shape with all putting everything in for a great purpose.

Bryn Cornwell, (Chairman) commented “ This has truly been a great day for us, with so much help we have made a huge impact on areas we would have taken a great deal of time to complete, Darren explained exactly where help could be given, he has delivered and more with an army of colleagues it’s been a great day!”