Passivhaus homes at Goldsmith Street, are progressing at a rapid pace. The foundations of the new units are now complete, as is the erection of much of the timber framework. This housing development will consist of 105 properties and once complete will be one of the first 100% Passivhaus schemes in the country.

The design for the development looks to re-introduce streets and houses in an area primarily dominated by flats. A park and landscape scheme will keep ties with the green areas surrounding the housing.

Due to the technical specifications required by a Passivhaus development, the site has presented several challenges to the team on site, keeping everyone on their toes, such as the installation of over 49 variations of the MVHR (mechnical ventilation with heat recovery) system.

The MVHR is a critical component to the Passivhaus design, which functions by extracting used air from the auxiliary spaces e.g. kitchen, bathroom, toilets and utility rooms and supplying air to the ‘living’ rooms e.g. bedrooms, living rooms, studies etc.