Achieving a BREEAM Excellent rating in 2009, Dragonfly House, which was built for Jarrold & Sons, was one the East of England’s most eco-friendly buildings at the time, personally praised by Environment Secretary Hilary Benn who said it was“A living example of what the future looks like.”

Using the most up to date sustainable technologies available, it made use of the sun for space and heating, featured air conditioning using earth cooling and rainwater harvesting.

Initially home to the Broads Authority, and government agencies Natural England and the Environment Agency, this modern timber clad building still looks stunning thirteen years later, sitting adjacent to the River Wensum with views to Norwich Cathedral.

In this image taken last week, you can see in the background, Jarrold Bridge, also delivered by the Firm, which joined the development with the historic heart of Norwich.

To read more about our focus on sustainability in 2022 and our road map to Net Zero see:

8th August 2022