Continuing our relationship with City College Norwich, we are supporting their T-Level Course in Surveying and Design for Construction and the Built Environment, where students are required to undertake 40 days of work experience in the industry. As part of this initiative we welcomed Cameron Randall to R G Carter, to gain a broad understanding of the different stages of the building process his T Level covers.

He will be spending 30 days in total spread across his course with our Pre Construction team in the Drayton office, and on site at the ThreeScore Housing project in Bowthorpe, as well as ten days at Norwich City Council.

To give Cameron experience of a live project, Sam Hubbard from R G Carter can be seen briefing him on the requirements of a garden refurbishment project at the back of Bowthorpe Care Village near ThreeScore, to enhance this green space for staff and residents to enjoy. Great experience in working with budgets, clients and a real life space. We look forward to supporting Cameron on this educational journey.