Piling installation now complete

Our in-house piling specialists, G M Piling, were awarded the contract for Building 60 in January this year and commenced works in mid-February. They have worked on the UEA site on numerous occasions and have a very good understanding of the ground conditions in this area of Norwich. Their experience and knowledge of the UEA site enabled them to value engineer the piling scheme, bringing both cost savings and environmental ones by designing the piles to minimise the amount of concrete and steel used. They were supported by our another of our in-house specialists, Ground Technology Services, who provided tests on the ground to manage the potential of chalk and solution features at this location.

Excellent progress has been made by GMP, despite the poor weather, with them completing a faultless piling installation ahead of schedule, and to an excellent standard. 400mm diameter Continuous Flight Auger (CFA) piles were installed into the ground up to depths of 17 metres. The piles serve to support the loads being applied by the building to its foundations.

Project Updates