As the Christmas rush starts down on the high street in Norwich city centre, its all hands to the deck at the new Primark!

Hoarding will be removed this week to fully reveal the facades, and the final works are being completed internally, with racks and railings being installed on all floors, ready for the big opening on the 11th December.

This project has certainly had great views from its roof, where many key landmarks in the city can be seen from, including St Peter Mancroft, City Hall and The Forum, which R G Carter built for the millennium, all seen in the picture.

The project, which involved a large amount of demolition work was very challenging due to its close proximity to the main road and pedestrians. The team worked tirelessly to ensure minimal disruption during the works.

A temporary store was created for shoppers, from the old BHS store. This enabled trade to continue whilst the new store was being finished.