Extension to The Radioactive Store at University of Cambridge

Our Building Solutions team were appointed to create a new laboratory and office space for the University of Cambridge. The works included demolishing the existing structures ‘beyond end of use’ and hard standing situated behind the existing Atlas building to be replaced with two modular units.

We were appointed under a single stage Design and Build contract with the design aspect taken from the existing stage 3 report to completion. The construction contract was undertaken under a NEC3 Engineering and Construction Short Contract (ECSC).

The existing structures contained asbestos; this was removed by the University before commencement of the works. Ideal Building Systems Ltd were competitively selected and were required to design, procure and build the two modular units to form an Office and Store structure off-site under our supervision.

We placed early orders with our manufacturers of modular units to ensure the units were ready for installation well ahead of the project completion date. To ensure a efficient delivery schedule, we scheduled five lorry loads of modular units to be delivered on the same day, each delivery spaced one hour apart to allow offloading and craning into position onto the prepared foundations.

We provided temporary office, kitchen and toilet facilities for the building user in advance of the demolition. A welfare room was created with a laboratory, benching and work space, open plan store room designed to hold radioactive research materials which can be tested upon for future innovation.

A new power supply, water connection and provisions for the University’s GBN (Granta Backbone Network) is also being installed, used and distributed to the numerous IT networks around the campus. LED lighting was installed into both buildings with occupancy detection to reduce energy use.

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