Fire Station – RAF Waddington

R G Carter were appointed to develop the design from the initial concept through to completion to create a modern high specification, yet robust facility that conformed to high DREAM ratings and performance.

Its construction included extensive value engineering, design analysis and the specification, and use of sustainable, recycleable and recycled materials.Purposely standing out in the crowd was the prerequisite for RAF Waddington’s new fire station. In its cream and red exterior paintwork it certainly stands out against the typically green buildings of this base, which has been operational since 1916.

Placed strategically next to the main taxi runway, this two storey steel frame and steel clad building houses the ever present, ever ready team of fire rescue personnel. The building contains a four bay tender house, offices, training room, breathing apparatus charging room, workshop, crew day room, 10 bed dormitory with showers and an operations room with a viewing gallery overlooking the runways.

Externally a fire simulation tower was constructed next to a 30,000lt emergency water supply tank and the building also benefits from a 3000Kw generator in case of power outage Its construction focused on sustainable materials and conformity to DREAM to ensure the building rated highly thermally and acoustically. It was also designed in accordance with the latest counter terrorism methods. Due to its close proximity to the main air traffic and jet noise, special consideration was made to reduce external noise disturbance. Among the design features to achieve this acoustic performance were dense block work, acoustic ceilings and specially made triple glazed windows.

The building management system also interconnected with the ‘alert’ status and once an alarm was raised it would prime the vehicles, open the doors and switch on lighting in an effort to minimize operational response times.

To prevent the build up of exhaust fumes, consideration was made on the ventilation system, and through value engineering a natural ventilation system was introduced which monitors CO² levels and the ambient temperature and would open or close the overhead fast action bay doors to keep a constant naturally ventilated environment.

Secretary of State for Defence
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