Foxhall Road Recycling Facility

R G Carter has completed the redevelopment of Foxhall Recycling Centre in Ipswich.

The recycling centre now encompass the widening of the existing access to improve access and safety of the junction, with modular buildings used in relation to the site facilities, which have been relocated to a new area of the site. The facility now has its own drop off point and associated car parking in a separate compound that allows the shop to run independently to the remaining site.

The household waste has a larger footprint on the site which allows the formation of split-level skip area. This will enable the public to safely dispose of their waste in the high-level area and the site will control this by an automatic gate system allowing skips to be emptied safely on the lower area by the site operatives. This maintains the operation of the waste site throughout the day unlike its previous design where it must be closed during skip changes.
To accommodate the change in level, an extended one-way system has been put in place to help with traffic management on and off the site, allowing adequate queuing zones to be formed. Along this road there is an additional area for a bottle bank and a green waste area. Both areas have drive in parking zones to maintain a clear flow of traffic along the one-way system.

New welfare and site accommodation has been provided by the means of modular buildings. These are positioned so that they overlook the main skip area.

A key objective for the client was to maintain operations of the HWRC during the construction phase whilst ensuring staff and visitor safety throughout. This was Successfully Achieved by R G Carter.

Suffolk County Council
Ipswich, Suffolk
December 2023
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