New Dynamic Ward & Outpatients Department at Princess of Wales Hospital

To meet the needs of a growing and ageing population, the Trust submitted a planning application on behalf of local NHS and social care partners to modernise services and facilities on this much loved hospital site in Ely.

The former Oliver Zangwill Centre which is situated on the ground floor of one of the existing unoccupied hospital wings underwent a conversion to create a new Dynamic Health Ward. Works included the reconfiguration of internal spaces to form accommodation for musculoskeletal therapies. This work meant that the space where the existing Dynamic Health Ward sat could be vacated to make way for a new CDC Unit.

As part of the scope of works physio bays, consultancy rooms and three gyms were created, plus support spaces e.g. staff changing. The total area of these spaces is approximately 560m2.

Further, in order to accommodate all the displaced services it was also necessary to carry out a small amount of reconfiguration within the Outpatients Department (OPD). The scope of work here was kept to a minimum and consisted mainly of blocking up doors/making new doors so that existing rooms could be used in a different arrangement. Whilst construction works were undertaken the OPD vacate temporarily to allow us to carry out these works as quickly and as safely as possible. The approximate area of this space is 475m2.

Cambridgeshire Community NHS Trust
Ely, Cambridgeshire
Pinegar Hayward Limited
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