North Middlesex University Hospital Car Park

R G Carter were appointed as the preferred contractor to deliver a new multi-storey car park on an extremely tight and occupied hospital site. The project was procured via Lot 3 on the Pagabo Medium Works Framework utilising a two-stage process.

Originally 787 parking spaces were available onsite, however a total of 156 spaces were being lost through the GLA land sale and a further 109 spaces will be lost with the sale of the expansion site. The capacity of the proposed new MSCP would therefore need to be sufficient to re-provide spaces lost.

The Client required the design and build of a new multi-storey car park (MSCP) for the re-provision of the lost car parking capacity and relocation of clinical, corporate and administrative functions to an alternative location.

Working collaboratively with the consultant team we developed a design to create a 453 space car park over five levels.

North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust
IBI Group (up to Stage 2)
Carter Design Group (Stage 3 +)
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Overcoming Challenges

Substantial complex enabling works were required to relocate existing surface water attenuation tanks that fell below the required MSCP footprint. Through collaboration with all parties a seamless operation ensured that the hospital infrastructure remained lived throughout.

Carter Design Group (CDG) used their vast expertise on car park design to complete architectural, structural and civil engineering design and design management for the clients benefit. By utilising the VCM (vertical circulation module) design for the scheme they managed to reduce the building by one floor and still maintain the required number of parking spaces. They also rationalised the approach to comply under Part B of the Building Regulations to provide the Client with circa £100k of savings over the original design (as well as carrying out extensive cost modelling on various scheme layouts) assisting with their budget aspirations.

As part of our role we also worked collaboratively with the Client through CDG to obtain timely planning approval whilst also working within budget during a time where the marketplace was in a volatile position.