Philip Morant School

We have recently completed refurbishment works at Philip Morant School in Colchester, during the summer holiday period while the school was vacant. Early tender involvement of the construction team allowed them to have an early understanding of the site layout and the scope of works, which allowed them to hit the ground running when the programme commenced.

Regular proactive engagement throughout the project with the Concertus and the SIGMA Trust project representatives which included regular additions to the scope of works. This included extensive cabling requirements and internal fire door consideration in existing corridors. Our project team managed expectations of these additions, and completed works within budget and within a tight programme. Further, we used the knowledge of a local Site Manager who worked on one of SIGMA Trusts other sites, to add value to our approach on this site. He attended progress meetings with input into our buildability.

The additional work required from the client as part of this overall package meant that some works were to be completed following the commencement of the school term. Working collaboratively with the Trust to understand their new term social distancing protocols on site, we were able to segregate further working areas to ensure that the school could operate like normal and our works were not disruptive.

There was also additional risk for close working of tradespeople during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our EHS Advisor regularly attended the site to ensure our Social Distancing Management Plan was being adhered too.

Colchester, Essex
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