St Bedes Inter-Church School

In 2015 St Bede’s was operating as a 5FE school with a 780 pupil capacity, and therefore to meet the growing population needs, the school’s capacity needed increasing by 1FE to between 850-945 pupils.

Following fire damage to the technology block, the project was delivered over two phases to minimise the area of the school being worked on at the same time. Our design team continue to work closely with the stakeholders to facilitate these changes and deliver the works efficiently and sympathetically.

Phase 1 works included the demolition and reinstatement of the fire damaged areas of the technology block, as well as an extension to the block to provide three new classrooms. Additionally, we reconfigured the original car park to hand this much needed space back to the school at the earliest opportunity.

Phase 2 provided an extension to the dining hall, new kitchen, new changing facilities, admin areas and new science laboratories. The delivery of new kitchen facilities is a key aspect of this phase, therefore to maintain the Client’s day to day activities and minimise disruption, we provided temporary kitchen facilities and a dining area to accommodate the canteen staff and food preparation.

Cambridgeshire County Council
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