Tesco GM Right Size & Paperchase Projects

The Tesco General Merchandise Right Size (GMRS) project comprised of a 27 week rolling programme whereby R G Carter team followed the Tesco requirements and worked on reducing size of General Merchandise areas and re-purposing space to reflect current trade standards.

GMRS works were undertaken across 28 shops in different locations of the country. The works included installation of new up to date equipment, shelving and where possible reusing current kit. Also the team completed general refresh of the GM area with decorations, signage and removal of electrics.

Paperchase was the other part of the GM project where Tesco introduced the Paperchase brand across 250 shops with different levels of install.

R G Carter supported with 9 installations, with Cheshunt and Southend been Flagship sites getting the full works. The construction team worked with various contractors to deliver this project for a quick turnaround, replacing shelving, floor repairs, electrics and making sure the client was satisfied.


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