Bridgemaster Court

‘Bridgemaster Court’ is a high-quality 6-storey residential development built for Generator Group, in a logistically challenging location along Norwich’s riverside entertainment complex, a busy and often difficult to access area. In order to deliver this ambitious scheme on a constrained and challenging city-centre site, we worked closely with our Client and wider project team in order to carefully manage logistics.

The site which is adjacent to the Novi Sad Bridge has frontage to the River Wensum and offers occupants stunning views of the city. The Bridge consists of 66 modern, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments located above an undercroft carpark, with cycle and refuse storage on the ground floor.

The design is a simple composition of solids and voids, using clean finishes and using shadow to create depth to the façade. During the preconstruction planning we worked with the Client in order to make buildability improvements that resulted in significant cost savings to the project. The principal change that we suggested and which was accepted by the Client was a reduction in the height of each of the storeys by 50mm in order to reduce building height to 18m, which helped to achieve a lower cost fire strategy and further savings through reduced materials costs.

Our Project Management Team worked closely with the architect and the Sales Agent, Bidwells to support sales activities relating to the development. These discussions led to the development and installation of a temporary works designed scaffold to provide safe access to the completed show apartment for the sales team and potential purchases.

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