The Colin Forbes Building

The new Colin Forbes Building was handed over to The University of Cambridge in 2019.

Based at the Madingley Rise Campus, the building allows Sedgwick Museum’s geological collection to be housed under one roof and subsequently enhance the resources available for the Department of Earth Sciences.

The building layout has been developed to allow mechanical handling equipment. It also provides space for research and storage of samples, including over 4000 archive boxes! The internal environmental provides different levels of temperatures and humidity to the main spaces to suit the collection.

The Sedgwick Museum Collections are an important resource for research, learning and enjoyment. The museum is responsible for the care of approximately 2 million specimens from around the world, encompassing more than 4.5 billion years of Earth’s history. The museum collections are organised broadly into 5 categories – Palaeontology (fossils), Mineralogy (minerals) Petrology (Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary rocks), Building Stones and the ‘Woodwardian’ Collection.

University of Cambridge
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