The Ella May Barnes Building

Named after Norwich microbiologist Dr Ella Barnes CBE, the hi-spec building will house organisations specialising in food, life and health science innovation.

It is one of a number of buildings successfully constructed by RG Carter on the prestigious Norwich Research Park.

The project had a number of challenges which were overcome to keep the build within the 42-week contracted period and on-budget, including Covid restrictions, varying site levels and changing project requirements.

A key challenge was designing the canopy to sufficiently support the timber soffit. This was resolved by introducing a secondary supporting timber frame to support the timber panels.

With its cutting-edge and contemporary external and internal design, the Ella Barnes building is one of the most exciting and sought-after buildings on Norwich Research Park.

Big Sky Developments
Norwich, Norfolk
February 2021
Fielden & Mawson
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The Ella May Barnes Building Norwich Research Park