The Winerack

Standing as one of the tallest residential buildings in Ipswich, Albian Wharf is a landmark development providing 150 new apartments with stunning views across the river Orwell as well as 5,000 square feet of commercial space.

Previously, the concrete frame of the partially built tower block had stood empty since 2009, earning its nickname of The Winerack within the town.

Standing as a blot on the skyline for years, the purchase of the site by local developer John Howard of Ipswich Wharf Developments in 2014 marked the beginning of the building’s transformation. When the 80m tower crane arrived in May 2018, it was a welcome sight for the local community.

The project was challenging as the site was located on a one-way street in close proximity to the riverside and local businesses. This was overcome through putting the right team and processes in place, and through careful choice of trusted, local subcontractors. The Winerack utilised MSite Technology which monitors all sub-contractors on site as well as adhoc visitor activity.

Parking within the building is ingeniously provided using a fully automated, 8-storey car stacking system for up to 265 cars, via a system of turntables and lifts. Designed and installed within an 8-storey high section within the centre of the building, this stacker will allow a car to be delivered to the ground floor within two minutes of the occupant leaving their flat.


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