Tulip Academy (Formerly Garth School)

R G Carter were appointed to deliver a single storey modular extension and refurbishment works to the existing School. This provided the school with five new classrooms with a contained external play space.

The works were extremely varied and included minor demolition, removal of trees and existing buildings on site, drainage, installation of a foul pumping station, external finishes, and fencing, all whilst the school remained operational. As part of the scope for the modular installation, the team also prepared and installed foundation pads for the modules. The new modular classroom building was positioned on the existing playground.

The building was orientated to provide the best use of natural lighting using large areas of glazing and high-level windows, providing a well-lit and outward-looking the feel to each classroom then in turn connected intrinsically with its new outdoor play area.

To counteract the reduction in space, the playground was extended onto the existing school field, which was underused due to the needs of the pupils. The new fit-for-purpose outdoor play space provided a more user friendly and accessible area, plus a new internal courtyard which will allow the children to play in an ‘enclosed’ environment to suit their individual needs.

The team were careful when re-landscaping the existing playground and field to ensure that when they were removed, any play equipment, which was all due to be discarded. This enabled us to retain and safely reinstall some play equipment and shelters for the children to play on.

Further, the team constructed a link corridor from the modular building to the existing school building. During these works, the team discovered a 17th century drainage culvert and dumping pit filled with broken pottery, jars and bottles. A local archaeologist was very interested in these items.

The Garth School
Spalding, Lincolnshire
Peter Smith Architects
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