Waitrose – Multi-Storey Car Park

R G Carter completed a new multi-storey car park, constructed over an existing ground level car park overlooked by Waitrose head office, in the midst of their central distribution operation, providing 322 additional parking spaces for Waitrose Partners over four levels.

The design made use of the Vertical Circulation Module System which optimises the number of parking spaces with cleverly sloping decks designed to minimise the space taken up by ramps whilst improving circulation and the driver’s journey. It also incorporates a roof structure that will allow the top deck to be used throughout the winter months, negating the requirement for expensive waterproof toppings whilst enabling all levels of the car park to be fully utilised all year round without the need to de-ice or clear snow.

The car park is constructed from a steel frame designed compositely with over 500 pre-cast concrete planks installed, each plank weighing around 2,000 kgs were lifted off lorries and placed onto the steel frame progressing both sides of the structure simultaneously using two mobile cranes.

The structure features bird and insect nesting boxes together with climbing plants that will be encouraged to grow up the external walls of the lift/stair core.

Also a bike repair stand was installed, with various tools and a bike pump next to the bicycle racks which has sliding runners enabling bikes to be moved out of the way to place others in the rack, the car park also includes a charging point for electric cars.

The R G Carter Projects team and CDG returned in 2018 to construct and deliver a rear extension, providing 164 additional spaces for the employees.

Leighton Jones, Waitrose Construction Manager, said “Great news the project has handed over well in advance of the original programme and I would like to thank all those involved in making this a fantastic project”

Following the success of the rear extension and early delivery, we have now been commissioned to commence design and procurement for a side extension to provide a further 189 spaces.


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