Waitrose Store, Longfield

In Longfield, near Darford in Kent, the R G Carter Projects team have been working for 8 weeks on a refurbishment and a new e-comm facility for Waitrose.

This project required the complete reconfiguration of the store layout, with internal demolition at the start of the project, followed by the installation of new walls, ceilings and flooring. New fittings and fixtures were installed throughout the building. The store remained open for the duration of all works.

Other internal tasks involved installation of new freezers and chillers, installation of new electrical and mechanical services including emergency lighting, internal decorations to suit the new layout, installation of shelving, new scissor lift and full refurbishment of partner facilities.

External works included reconfiguration of car park layout, alterations to the back of house to create the new van loading area, installation of automated gate and fence. The team replaced recycling facility to increase car parking space, improved timber fence and barriers and relined car park to suit all alterations.

Customers and clients were very happy with the freshly renovated store with the improved facilities and bigger car park area.

Waitrose Stores Ltd
Longfield, Kent
Bamber & Reddan Architects
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