Waitrose Store, Storrington

The R G Carter Projects team has given Waitrose Supermarket in Storrington a completely new layout. The new refurbishment and refrigeration replacement project was completed just in 8 weeks. Most of the works had to be done while the store was closed for three weeks.

Internally the original store was partly demolished and then new walls, floors, fittings, new cases, new refrigeration, new freezer and chiller cabinets were installed.

As well as the walls and the floors the team removed old ceilings and replaced with the new up to new standard ones, including new lighting to suit.

Other internal works included:
•Installation of new BOH automated doors
•Installation of new roller shutters
•Refurbishment of partner area and the staff WC’s
•New Cold rooms
•New sales floor signage
•Decoration across the board.

External works involved new canopy fitting, cladding repairs and roof tiles replacement.

The newly remodelled store and the better facilities greatly satisfied the client and customers.

Waitrose Stores Ltd
Storrington, West Sussex
Bamber & Reddan Architects
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