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Level 5 Sustainable Home, New Lynx Housing Trust

South Somercotes, Lincolnshire


Carter Homes has completed its first house built to the exacting level 5 of the Code for Sustainable homes in a recent project carried out for New Linx Housing Trust.

New Linx Housing Trust provides affordable homes across Lincolnshire; this two-bed rented property is located in the village of South Somercotes.


Design and construct of an affordable home to Level 5 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Our Commitment:

The house has been designed to minimise energy requirements with the living space positioned to the south to maximise passive solar heat gain potential and the bedrooms are located to the rear to avoid overheating.
Energy requirements are further reduced by High levels of insulation, floor-to-ceiling glazing to maximise solar gain and triple glazed low e glass windows filled with argon gas.
The building also features whole house ventilation and heat recovery.
Residual energy requirements are then met with zero carbon energy sources. 10 photovoltaic panels are located on the roof to provide electricity. The house is heated with a biomass boiler which is fed by wood pellets.
Water consumption is reduced with rainwater harvesting.


At the Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Building Excellence Awards 2011 this build won ‘best individual dwelling’ for its high level of sustainability.
Considerate Constructor ‘performance beyond compliance’ rating.

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