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Zero Carbon Superstore

Ramsey, Peterborough


This project saw the construction of the first zero carbon store in Ramsey, Peterborough.


  • Single storey, panel clad, metal framed Superstore with petrol filing station, access roads, delivery area and associated car parking.
  • The project was undertaken on a design and build basis.


  • The team created a 3D virtual image of the proposed store, which meant they could take a virtual walk around inside and out. This revealed that looking through the high level windows from the outside, unsightly cable trays were visible. The design was modified to ensure no services could be seen.

Our Commitment:

  • In order to meet the significant sustainable, environmental and carbon neutral objectives, design elements included the use of an ‘E foundation’, involving removing the soil to the existing clay level and rebuilding the ground to improve the bearing capacity.
  • This is more sustainable as it reduced the amount of material removed from site and the subsequent import-fill.
  • Sustainable features include:
      • Nano Gel Roof lights
      • Wind catchers
      • Wind turbines and sun tubes
      • Rainwater harvesting
      • Solar powered street lights and external solar blinds
      • Cold aisle retrieval and sales fresh air de-humidification
      • CO² refrigeration and energy efficient equipment
      • Low flow water fittings
      • Daylight linked sensors for roof lights
      • Movement and light sensors to all non-sales areas
      • LED signage.
  • The store can be run by its own 250kWe CHP unit fuelled by bio-fuel and any surplus energy can be sold back to the National Grid.
  • Other enhancements included using recycled asphalt from the site in the base course of the new car park, make up and recycled brick dust for blinding of the sub-base under the store foot-print, negating importing quarried sand, along with installing Argon filled glazing.
  • The store attracted a lot of interest. A number of presentations and site tours were given to groups such as students looking to learn more about construction and environmental issues.
  • Safety talks were given in local schools led by the site safety manager.


  • BREEAM ‘excellent’ rating.
  • Shortlisted for the CIBSE Low Carbon Performance awards.


  • Phil Jones, Tesco Stores Development Manager: ‘The Ramsey project is very well set up with health and safety being maintained to very high levels on this fast track project. This is borne out by regular health and safety audits being carried out by Tesco, CDMC, R G Carter and other safety advisors.’
  • Trevor Bacon, Tesco Property Services Development Director: ‘The store looks stunning, with great evidence of both co-ordination and excellent detailing in the design, it’s a store with very high standards of quality and one to be proud of’.
  • Sir Terry Leahy, former Chief Executive, Tesco: ‘The challenge of climate change can be faced only be collect action. We’ll be a zero carbon business by 2050, but only by working with our suppliers’.

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